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Here at “We Sell Club Tickets”, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the best events, at the best clubs.

We understand that not everybody wants to pay upfront for a weeks worth of tickets. Which is why we offer a deposit system, where you can reserve any ticket online for just 5€, and collect them when you arrive in Ibiza. By using this option you can best of both worlds by paying on arrival, whilst guaranteeing you won’t miss out on sell out events.

  • Choose your tickets online and select “deposit”.
  • Pay 5€ per ticket to reserve and secure your entrance.
  • Bring your confirmation to exchange for your club ticket at any of our points around the Island.
  • Enjoy your experience with no hassle at one of the best clubs in the world!

Simply come and see us at one of our points across the Island, where you can pay the rest of the ticket ( minus the 5€  deposit) and we will exchange your deposit for the club entrance.

You can find all the information about where we are located below, or for any queries, contact us HERE

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